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Introducing 月崇拝Corp.'s new VAPORGENE Music Generator VAPORGENE can provide almost unlimited music streams even from a single VIRTUAL CASSETTE. Therefore, it is ideal for use as environmental music such as shopping mall, dentist, lunar temple, airport etc. VAPORGENE can also store virtual cassettes of its own output to ensure future playback.VAPORGENE will look at this page to extend its functionality in the near future. The itch.io desktop application can also track the development situation and update the version accordingly.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
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TagsMusic Production, vaporwave


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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will there be updates to the mac ver?

I've been planning to make some, just been busy with a lot of things going on in my life. I'll be sure to let everyone know once I do.



Hi there! The audio it creates are a loop of about 4 seconds, any way to make them longer?


Not at the moment, I sort of hard-coded all the variables when I made this, since I was more considering Vaporgene as a "conceptual piece" itself than a "legit" plunderphonics generator.

I'm considering remaking this in Python or JUCE or some other actual programming language eventually though, since all the stuff it does is pretty simple stuff for most audio libraries. And looking back, I think it probably would have been a good idea to give the user some amount of control over the chaos.

please do! I'd be willing to pay for an upgraded version of this :D


HEY guys and the cretines sweet maui onion wulfenstein pop punk 92 @netzero com . net . gov 

I fixed all fuckin shit all fuckin sound card that shit dont matter are you on a windows powered pc at least 98 windows what are you crazy you know the commercial where the kid gets his tongue pierced but then he wont share a cig wit that hollywood upstairs doctor shut up 

Step 1: Download Max 8

Step 2 Install Max 8

Step 3 Open Max 8

those easy steps are for Hunter

Step 4 Click Open Patcher[in Max 8](thats for you Hunter) 

Step 5 Navigate to where Vaporgene 1.1 is located 

Step 666 When Vaporgene 1.1 is open with elevated options such as Debug, Options etc Click Options and then Click Audio Options fuckin go into DRIVER drop down menu and select fucking ad_portaudio_MME 

I had something in the queue and it fucking blew my eardrums out but it started working again if you need any more help Ill buy you a pack of gum and show you how to chew it woo

...Thank you for that.


I'm gonna have to look into some way to let the user change audio drivers without making them have to get a full copy of Max. I'll keep everyone posted.



Still not working v1.12!!! New error message.

That's strange. What sort of sound card are you using?

Focusrite Scarlett Solo (2nd Gen) + latest driver

Hm. I'm actually at a loss. This is one of the problems of using somebody else's engine to make a program, sometimes the problem is on THEIR end. What I'd do is make a post on the forums of cycling74.com with screenshots attached explaining that you're trying to use an executable made with Max 8, and give them the info about your OS and sound card as well. If you do, link me to the post in case there ends up being anything I can do about it. Here's hoping we can figure this out.

It's a USB audio interface.


it is working great now thanks


Please update the software. Vaporgene doesn't work for many people.

Thanks for informing me about this issue. I might just need to recompile it with the latest version of Max/MSP for Windows. I'll try to get this done as soon as I get access to a Windows computer.

Okay, I've recompiled with the latest version of Max. Let me know if that works!


Not working

According to the Cycling 74 website, "ad_mme: stopping due to error" is an audio device driver issue, and they say the fix is to update the drivers for your sound card. Do let me know how that goes though, if there's anything that I can do on my end I'll try to fix it up, but this seems like it's an issue with Max/MSP in general.


Okay, I've recompiled with the latest version of Max. Let me know if that works!

It's working, thanks.

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The same problem!!! Nothing happens when I hit play.

Soundcard: Focusrite Scarlett Solo (2nd Gen).

Also I get an error when I open Vaporgene -> Window -> Max Console.

According to the Cycling 74 website, "ad_mme: stopping due to error" is an audio device driver issue, and they say the fix is to update the drivers for your sound card?

I'm sorry, I hope that this works. Unfortunately it seems to be less of an error in the program I made and more of an error in the software that I used to make it. I feel your pain, I'm trying to work on creating another Max/MSP device right now and keep running into a crash issue that seems to be on the part of Max/MSP itself. :/

I'm using the latest driver for my Focusrite Scarlett Solo (2nd Gen) sound card. :/

I hope there will be some good news. Thanks

So I tried this program and it doesn't work, I have no sound when I hit play.

I load .wav, give the path to save the output and it doesn't work.

Some help would be much appreciated, I don't want to lose my 1$ ahah. I'm on Windows 10 btw.

Hm, this sounds like it might be an audio driver/ASIO-related thing. There may be a way to change the output audio driver in the settings?

Thanks a lot for replying.

How do I access the settings? I can't find anything that looks like settings in the program.

I'm...not entirely sure. I only have access to a MacBook right now, so the menus tend to pop up in the toolbar at the top of the screen. I'm SURE there's a way to access the options on Windows but I don't know off the top of my head HOW. I'm guessing maybe right click in the program or its icon in the Start menu bar?

Man I REALLY gotta build a PC.

The only toolbar I have contains "File" "Edit" "Window" "Help" and there are no options in either one of them :( idk if I'm doing something wrong

There's nothing like a "Preferences" option?

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Really interesting! I so appreciate your efforts. I love the randomness of it all. I’ve been having fun feeding the results back into it over a few iterations and enjoying the degraded noise that results. 

Wish list:

  • no click on loop (crossfade?)
  • don’t change automatically; loop infinitely until I hit a “change” button
  • record and play ON indicators (buttons don't light up when active right now, only when hovering over)
  • turn off mic access (messes with wireless headphones)
  • normalize each loop (nice to have)
  • higher sample rate (again, nice)

Question: What are the MIDI settings for?

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Hey! Sorry that I haven't been so active with this project lately, been super busy with my grocery day job. Really appreciate the input, though.

I like your ideas. My original intent for this program was to make something that sort of blurred the line between music creation software and a musical composition in and of itself (in the same sort of spirit as John Cage's radio pieces) so I didn't put in a LOT of granular control, but the "change" button wouldn't be too hard to implement at all. Same with the crossfade, I'm not sure why I didn't add that in at the start. I GUESS you could make the argument that the glitchy loop clicks are part of the AESTHETIC, but at the same time it wouldn't hurt to have that as a parameter that can be dialed in to taste.

I wasn't even aware that the program was accessing the mic. That's probably a quirk of the Max/MSP engine it runs in, I'll see if there's any way to disable it within the patch.

I'll have to do some thinking about the "normalize each loop" part. Normalizing the input audio itself shouldn't be too hard, but every loop in the program is just a randomly selected chunk of that single audio buffer. It might be worth putting a compressor at the end of the signal chain?

I totally agree that the buttons SHOULD be lit up when active, I just didn't know how to really do that in Max? I'll have to see if there's a way to make a button object behave like a "toggle" (i.e. an on/off switch) instead of a "bang" (a triggered pulse).

As for the higher sample rate, if the input audio's sample rate is higher Max SHOULD be able to just automatically deal with it. I think the output is 44.1kHz by default, so a lot of the "crunchy" artifacts you hear are just the result of playing a 44.1kHz input file at a slower sample rate. If the input audio has a higher sample rate than that, you SHOULD hear less artifacts when slowing it down. Then again, I know that a lot of audio people work at 48kHz, but again, if the input audio is still at 44.1kHz, making the output sample rate 48kHz isn't going to do anything but make the output file bigger than it needs to be.

The MIDI settings are totally irrelevant, they're just there because Max/MSP takes MIDI input, and exporting a Max patch as an executable really just means wrapping the Max/MSP engine itself. That's why if you explore the files of the executable, you'll find a bunch of assets that aren't used (these come stock with Max). That said, I probably should have done some "optimization" involving deleting any unneeded assets from the executable, that would quite likely cut down the file size significantly. As for the MIDI...well...we'll see if I can think of any ideas for that. ;)

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Really fantastic! Thank you so much for building this. It's a little funny to use (Save File before actually having anything be created), but once I got the hang of it I've been getting some incredible results. I love how it randomly pulls moments and loops them and keeps looping that process. 

Hello IMLXH, this plugin is neat. I've used it in the past to test some things and it was amazing. Today when I tried to do some wacky stuff with it again i get no sound when importing a file and pressing the play button. I do se the visualizer moving but I can't get sound out of it. I also don't know if I'm doing something wrong but the rec function with the save file is not working either. I'm using Win10 x64.

Any clue of what might be the issue?

It could be related to having multiple audio outputs/drivers? Vaporgene uses the Max runtime and maybe it's pointed itself at a different audio driver, like ASIO or something. I don't currently have much of a way to check right now as my Windows machine is currently out of commission, but see if going into system audio settings and making sure that the computer speakers are the default helps at all.


So, this application...  Very neat!  I used it to recycle some of my own music and the things it pops out are just so very Max/MSP and generative and beautiful. 

I only have one issue - it's not ready for the OS X 64bit shift that's coming down the pipeline.  I had it give me the spinning beach ball once already, and then it got overloaded for a brief moment trying to select a different folder to output the file to.  

Would there be any chance that you can update this, so it won't give me weird little glitches or messages saying it won't work in less than a month?

One other thing - this would be a really neat bit of software to see with the internals exposed and maybe editable.  Yeah, random is fun, but so is controlled chaos!

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Oof. Thanks for the heads up on that. I'm not sure whether there's much I can do myself except wait for Cycling to release a version of Max that's been debugged and then recompile. I did write this on 64-bit OSX, for whatever that's worth.

I've had the thought of a v2 in my head for a while, actually. Thanks for reminding me of that! Probably gonna throw in Max's crappy built-in reverb as well :)

EDIT: On that note, I've also thought about making a Max for Live version with automatable parameters...think people would go for that? I'm planning on throwing some other M4L devices up here eventually, so far I've got a modal synth/effect and a Eurorack-esque pitch and CC randomizer in the pipeline. Think people would go for those?


Well, that would be neat, a v2!  I love the Max/MSP reverb - it's based on, or is "Freeverb", I think?  My suggestion on the opening up the guts is purely on a selfish level.  I don't program in Max/MSP, but I do like to have control of what I'm doing, even though granular and S&H is technically random, at least one could have the control to adjust the speed or depth of the effects.  I know that there's definitely some pitch shifting going on in there, but how much other stuff, who knows.  I've been composing all sorts of electronic music, and it was fun to throw my own tracks in it.

If I had the $500 to throw at Ableton Standard (and purchasing Max for Live) or the Live Suite, I'd go for it.  So, definitely make it for whoever's got that software!  There's gold in them thar hills.  I wish Reaper's coding was like Max/MSP, because we really need granular and glitch plugins that sound "right", like Max/MSP or Pure Data.  Every plugin that's tried to get close to the sound isn't even remotely close.  They're nice in their own right, but it's not Ryoji Ikeda nice, y'know?  VCV's samplers get it, so that's what I'm using for my ambient stuff, but if it existed in RENOISE... holy cow balls.  Not as a plugin, but as part of their tools or part of the software itself.  Nobody's making it right.

Can you save us?  Yes, I do mean Renoise and Reaper.  Renoise is one of my favorite softwares; as a tracker is just that good, and nobody's gotten the glitch effects yet, because you can't change the sample's start/end times via LFO or other automation.   I know I've gone way off topic here, I just have this feeling that you have your ear to the ground in a good way.

Oh man, I hadn't even considered making stuff for Renoise and Reaper. I should probably look into that, especially considering from what I've heard it's more "serious code" instead of a DSP sandbox. That might give me a leg up on what I want to ultimately do, making cross-DAW VST plugins...

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Hello IMLXH! Its very interesting sofware! Can you please tell me - is it possible to use vaporgenerated music in commercial products such as games? Thank you!

Sure, if you want to! The only caveats are I'd appreciate being credited for the app, and if you use existing copyrighted music in Vaporgene you MIGHT have to deal with some copyright law BS. Other than that, go crazy!


Thanks! Awesome software!