Windows Fix

Hey guys, it's Alex. The "machine translation" thing was pretty tacky in hindsight, sorry about that. While it's entirely in the spirit of "vaporwave" for my software to not work, it doesn't exactly reflect well on me as a developer.

A few of you have stated you've been having issues with the Windows standalone version of Vaporgene. Looking into the error message in the Max console, it seemed to be related to Max being unable to interface with system audio drivers. I've since downloaded the latest version of Max for Windows and recompiled the program, so hopefully this issue's been fixed on Cycling's end. The executable runs fine on the Windows machine I compiled it on, but if anyone else is running into issues do let me know. Thanks!


Dec 24, 2020


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Thanks! It works now, and merry christmas :)

and a happy new year! gonna hopefully put a bunch more stuff out soon so keep an eye on my account, especially if you use ableton live